NASA ULI Kickoff

NASA ULI Kickoff

1st November 2022

The 2-day ULI kickoff event was successfully held online on November 1 and 2. The team briefed the advisory board and NASA on the technical challenges and anticipated research for the next three years. Below are the slides presented during the kickoff.


Naira Hovakimyan

Safe learning-enabled and competence-aware autonomy stack

Naira Hovakimyan

Lui Sha

Evangelos Theodorou

Bo Li

Fast data-driven and code-level verification

Sayan Mitra

Chuchu Fan

Runtime fault detection and reachability analysis for in-flight contingency management

Ali Kairmoddini

Ioannis Raptis

Melkior Ornik

Testing, evaluation, and integration toward technology transfer

Petro Volgaris

Christos Papachristos

Srinivasa Salapaka

Technology Transfer

Christopher Elliott

Andy Smith

Education and Outreach

Joseph Muskin

Korey Bennett